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the basics: jillian. intp, catholic, nineteen, canadian. actual real-life dragon. 

has an insatiable taste for: pretty dogs, ugly dogs, superheroes, specifically marvel superheroes, books that flip you upside-down & inside-out, film, outer space, probably most kinds of pizza, science fiction, pretentious latin phrases, that hipster brand of folk music, words that fit together like puzzle pieces or constellations of stars, various & sundry anime, mint chocolate chip ice cream, two a.m., the way a forest smells like the far side of heaven after a summer rainstorm, bad puns, stargazing, rare words, making jewellery & other various forms of art, & that pure sort of elation in finding a new favourite song.

books, movies, & music: the lord of the rings, the silmarillion, the hobbit, the chronicles of narnia, the book thief, code name verity, finnikin of the rock

in general: ink stained hands, third-rate photography photography, & the constant search for inspiration to burn brighter & a better tasting bacon cheddar burger. if she had the ability to write like anyone, it would be rosemary sutcliff. she would also probably very much enjoy wearing bright red lipstick & a pixie cut. an obsessive-compulsive fanmixer. more or less nocturnal. theoretically and oops are her favourite words, & fidimplicitary quisquilian deblaterer is her favourite insult. currently has no idea what she wants to do with her life.

credo: duct tape is the solution to a surprising percentage of the world's problems. | mediocrity is a thing to be feared. | fac fortia et patere | if God is a fire, i want to go up in flames.