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June 13, 2014

and I shall call her baby horsey

There's a barn across the way.  

There were (as in, a month and a half ago) some new foals (not mine, by the way).  

Some of these pictures are shockingly horrid.

But what one is supposed to do with a point-and-shoot in barn lighting (old barn lighting) when the horses won't stop moving is quite beyond me.

The painfully adorable and uber friendly filly who's birth I missed by about a minute and a half.  I call her Baby Horsey, because, cun-traree to popular belief, I'm actually a 5-year-old.

This (incredibly shy) darling was born a couple days after and no one even bothered calling me when it happened, so I missed it altogether.  I call him Oh My Heart You're So Cute I'm Gonna Cry Please Please Please Look At The Camera Just Once (and he only did once, which is why there's so few pictures of him).