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May 24, 2014

the art of multitasking

i. I've had the Sunflower Award graciously bestowed upon me by both Ruby and Katrina.  Thanks, dears!   Of course, that was ages ago, but who's counting?  Apparently not me, or I'd blogged at least once in the past two months.  I didn't even give it up for Lent or anything.  Perfectly shameful, but by now, surprising to no one.

ii.  I'm supposed to post the rules and what not.

      Share 11 facts about yourself (but since I've got this twice, does this mean I have to post 22?  Pfft.  I'll do what I want.)
      •Answer the questions set by your Nomination Blogger 
      •Nominate 11 bloggers. 
      •Set questions for the nominated bloggers.

iii.  I also got the Sunshine Award (more this a pattern?) from Hannah.  Thanks, Hannah!  This entails: 
      •Thank the person who nominated you
      •Answer the questions they asked you on your respective blog
      •Nominate another batch of bloggers (eleven being the standard)
      •Question them
      •Notify them that they have been nominated
      •And post the award image on your blog

iv.   I'm notoriously horrid when it comes to following tag rules.  Which makes one wonder why I'm doing this at all, but I'm completely without blogging inspiration, and I like the questions.

v.  I've realized I can basically write a post in the sporadic and repetitive style I usually use and pass it off as 22 facts about me, thus completing a tag at the same time.  Which, like trying to find a date for your ancient but still pretty spry coworker while also taking out a shipful of bad dudes with extreme skill and really cool moves, is called multitasking.  

vi.  I saw The Winter SoldierI found it to be terrifyingly magnificent.

vii.  I don't necessarily like it more The Dark World, but I think it may or not be better done than that one.

viii.  I love all how great the characters were in it.  Steve, Natasha, Sam, even Nick.  Especially Natasha.  She keeps getting better.  If she doesn't get a movie soon, I'll do something crazy, like start whining.

ix.  Steve and Natasha make a brilliant team for multiple reasons I would love to analyze for you, but I shall refrain for time reasons.

x.  I love Sam.  "I made breakfast, if you guys eat that sort of thing."  Precious man.

xi.  Actually I kind of loved everything about that movie.  I very strongly recommend you watch, in case you haven't yet.  Which I hope you.

xii.  See how I've carefully been avoiding mentioning Bucky at all up to this point.  Because once I do that, I'm not gonna be able to hold it together any longer.  I hope you appreciate the effort I've made on your behalf.

xiii.   But I'm pretty sure I've held out long enough.

xiv.   I love how this whole time, people who actually read comic books have known that Bucky Barnes, Steve's very-cool-but-very-dead ("very dead" is such an abstract term in the MCU....) friend, was actually this outstandingly brilliant character who comes back as a messed up and brainwashed Soviet assassin and I've been completely unaware of this.  Anyway, Bucky, aka the Winter Soldier, may or not be my favourite Marvel character.  Gosh, what a heart-shattering character.  The lab scene (being the "but I knew him" scene) where he was remembering, but then let them wipe it from his memory because he's a soldier and he follows orders, but still looked scared as heck?  I died a little bit lot. 

And the scene at the end when Steve won't fight him, and then Bucky stops, even though he's "his mission" and he's basically a machine—a machine that follows orders—and he still doesn't really remember Steve, and then he saves him, too?  Nope.  Can't.  Nope nope nope.  I was not properly prepared for any of this.

xv.  I didn't use capslock or keysmashes once during that whole thing.  This is a big achievement for me.  

xvi.  I've read a grand total of 1 Marvel comic book in my life.  So roughly 98.6% of my comic book knowledge is courtesy of the internet.  But I'm rather proud of my tiny store of knowledge, which is basically comprised of:  Agent 13, that random Neighbour woman who basically did nothing and who's name I either missed or it was never mentioned, is Sharon Carter—Peggy's niece.  The twins in credits scene #1 are Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, Magneto's children.  Which is actually probably common knowledge, but whatever.  Gamora (the green one) from Guardians of the Galaxy is Thanos' (see: The Avengers, credits scene #1) daughter.  Oh, and apparently Bucky eventually becomes Captain America himself because Steve dies, or at least people think he dies.  (But who are we kidding?  "Dead" and "Marvel" are hardly on level with each other.)  And since Sebastian has a 9-picture deal with Marvel, while Chris has only 6 (not counting Fantastic 4) and is apparently planning on taking a break from acting after it's up, this looks quite likely to happen.  Also, I think Bucky using Steve's shield in Cap 1 and then him catching it in this one is very possibly foreshadowing to the thing.  So that's all very illuminating.  

xviii.  If I was brave enough (or if I thought it might actually look good on me), I'd cut my hair short (like, pixie cut short).  And if I was really brave, I'd admit out loud that I quite like the idea of dyeing my imaginary short hair silver, or pastel purple or blue.

xix.  Sleeping At Last (aka Ryan O'Neal—he's solo, like Owl City) is probably my favourite musician right now.  His lyrics are... whoa.

xx.  Bucky Barnes.  

xxi.  White chocolate is splendid.  In moderation.

xxii.  I can hold a plank for a minute and 10 seconds.  Or, I could.  And that's about it for impressive athletic things I can do.

Katrina's questions:

i.  Do you prefer Arabic or Roman numerals?  Apparently I'm pretty fond of lowercase roman.

ii.  Do you watch My Little Ponies?  No.  But it's just the sort of thing you shouldn't put past me to do in the wee hours of the night when everyone else is in bed.  Picture it.  1:30 am.  Me.  In the closet.  Watching My Little Ponies.

iii.  What's the absolute stupidest thing you've ever done?   

iv.  What's your idea of the best car?  I used to fancy a turquoise Mustang GT.  But now I'd honestly rather have a red Dodge Ram or Chevy Silverado.

v.  What's the worst thing you can imagine?  The Battle of Five Armies There and Back Again is as bad as The Desolation of Smaug is the first thing that comes to mind.  Then being besieged in my house by an army of moose.  Which is pretty far-fetched, but I had a dream about it, and now it's a legitimate fear.  And then math.  

vi.  Do you know what gif stands for?  Sure.  Of course I do.  

vii.  Be honest... did you have to Google "gif" in order to answer question 6 intelligently?  What are you even implying.  You've cut me to the quick, son.

Ruby's questions:

i. Is there a fictional book you think everyone should read at least once?  Narnia, probably.   And maybe Little Women.  

ii.  Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightley?  Haha.  I used to be way into the darker, brooding types like Darcy and John Thornton.  Now I'm much more of Tilney/Knightly girl.  

iii.  What would your dream car be?  I was going to say "see above", but on second thought...

iv.  Would you rather wear your hair in a bun or a braid?  I like to alternate between the two, but buns are cool because you can put sharp things and pens in them and then stab people/write things down as needed.

v. What is your least favorite movie (or miniseries) of all time?  Oh.  Maybe The Color Purple.   I don't know.  

vi.  What movie do you think is the most underrated?  Most overrated?  Maybe The Voyage of the Dawn Treader comes to mind for most underrated.  I love that one.  And apparently most people don't.  Oh, and All Dogs Go To Heaven.  No one talks about that one.  Why does no one talk about that one.  That movie is magnificent.  I'm not going to put The Desolation of the Smaug as the most overrated.  Just watch me not do it.   

Hannah's questions:

i. Which number (1, 2, 3, etc.) is the best, based on it's personality and morals? (Example: 7 is best because of his wise and patient personality.)  No clue what this means so I'll go with 5 because it's easy to multiply and I can eat that many pieces of pizza before I start hating myself.

ii.  Fruit-flavored candy or chocolate?  Chocolate, probably.  

iii.  Under what circumstances would you jump on a shark's back?  Dire ones.  

iv.  Would you rather grab a handful of cow poop or drink milk straight from the cow?  The poo, definitely.  Because 1) animal poo doesn't really bother too much by now and 2) milk still does.

v.  Batman or Iron Man?  I'm not a massive massive Batman fan, but Iron Man/Tony Stark is one of my very favourite superheroes/characters.  And he's probably my favourite Avenger, alongside Black Widow.

vi.  Fantasy or sci-fi?  If we're talking movies, probably sci-fi.  Books, more so fantasy.   

vii.  Three years of famine, three months to be destroyed by your foes, or three days of the angel of the Lord destroying throughout all the coasts of the land?  
tumblr_mckl4nSgYr1qlwjbho7_250.gif (160×160)

ix.  Favorite season?  In winter, it's spring.  But in summer, it's autumn.

x.  Is the Loch Ness Monster real?  you're looking at her.  No, just kidding.  Yes, she is real.  C.S. Lewis put her there (Loch Ness) himself in the 16th century

xi.  Death by fire or death by ice?  Ice is probably pleasanter.  I mean, hypothermia is quite comfy, right?   And maybe I wouldn't even die.  Maybe I'd wake up a legendary hero or a Russian assassin or something.  But then, phoenixes go by fire, and I'd like to be a phoenix, so now I'm not sure.

xii.  Out of any animal, what would be your dream pet?  A camel-dragon would suit very well.

Oh dear.  I was all ready to post this, and then Bella had the nerve to go and give me another tag.  How could you.  

i.  If you had a choice would you visit Rivendell or the Shire?  Rivendell, I think  but both would be preferable.

ii.  Have you read The Ascendance Trilogy?  No, but I'm guessing this is a recommendation to do so.

iii.  Do you tend to like the Villain BETTER than the hero? (This means in everything, mind you)  Not usually, no.  Sometimes, though.  I did in Thor, most notably.  But Loki's kind of an exception, isn't he?  But even then, I didn't exactly root for him in The Avengers (and in TTDW, he wasn't the villain).  Maybe I like Jim Moriarty (the Andrew Scott one, mind) better than Sherlock, but I don't really think I do, and even if I do, I don't particularly feel like admitting it. 

iv.  Are you a Tolkien Purist?  Probably.

v.  Are you a Marvel fan or just an Avengers fan?  Everything Marvel, son.  I maybe don't lovelovelove every single one of the movies, and I haven't really read the comics, but in general, Marvel holds a very , umm, loud position in my heart.  

vi.  What book are you reading RIGHT NOW, and is it good?  I'm not reading one right now, actually.  I'm such a sham!  Years of academy training wasted!  But I just finished reading 
As You Like It for school, and I did really like it.

vii.  What is the first thing that comes to mind when think of trains?  Motion sickness and death.  Also Chris Pine.

viii.  Have you ever had Vegan Chocolate? (If not, don't. DO NOT EVER)  No.  And I don't plan to.  But... isn't that dark chocolate?  

ix. Have you ever cried in the Theatre?  The Book Thief.  The end.

x.  Would you go shopping with me dressed as your favorite Avenger?  You knows I would.

xi.  Do you think Frozen is overrated?  Not really.  I mean, people act like it's the best Disney movie ever, which is possibly a bit unfair.  But I love it.  A lot a lot.

I was going to tag people and give questions and everything.  I promise I was.  But I've changed my mind.  I'm done.  Gonzo.  Finnit.  I'll make up for it my posting about baby horses next time. 
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Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for you all in the comments to talk to me about the fact that Peggy Carter's getting a tv show and it's not gonna suck (that last bit's just speculation of course, but the Agent Carter One-Shot thing was entirely awesome), and how Jaimie Bell got cast as The Thing in the new Fantastic 4 movie and it's not gonna suck, and how extraordinarily awesome Anthony Mackie is, and Bucky Barnes existing and stuff.



I'm not even going to correct that. 

I made a dumb joke in class yesterday and my teacher asked me to expound on it.  

Don't make jokes in class, kids.  

wow I need slepp