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March 11, 2014

how do you title

Toy Bird by koyamori

Oh, look at all these nifty buttons and stuff!  There's one to publish a post.  It's a nice creamsicle orange.  How pretty.  I'd forgotten what it looked like.  

Two months is a very long time, Pooh.  Except in summer, in which case it's horrifyingly short.  I think.  What is summer, again?  I can't recall the feel of summer, nor the taste of watermelon, nor the touch of grass.  I know only snow and muck and mucky snow and mucky snow frozen into ice with more snow and muck and ice frozen on top.  But it was actually warm the last couple days.  Not just not cold, but actually warm.  Sort of.  Is 6 degrees warm?  Yes.  Yes it is.  (and oh my gosh the way it smells when things thaw if only a couple hours lovely lovely is there anything more beautiful than manure and wet no there is not)  But it'll be -30 again next week, I shouldn't wonder.
Window by koyamori
because this post needed colour {via}

Umm... I got my wisdom teeth out.  That was fun.  Or at least the laughing gas was.  Then it was all stab stab stab ow blood wow wow wow is my jaw sore.  I was sedated, but they couldn't find my pathetic little veins so I was stabbed at and dug around in numerous times before I went under (honestly, my arm looks more damaged than my face does).  I was apparently quite out but somehow also responsive to them???  I don't remember anything in between the third or fourth stabbing and the sudden awareness of a numb face and mouth stuffed full of bloody gauze except for a vague half-memory of a bang and a crunch.  Now there's holes in my mouth and why the heck is food so hard.  Pudding is a gift from God, I tell you.  

We moved.  Yay for us.  I've got a good 5 or 6 of the light switches figured out.  I feel like a conquering hero every time I get it right.  

And then there's Lent, otherwise known How The Heck Am I Gaining Weight This Is Wrong Wrong Wrong And Why Is Fish So Gross season.  Which also means spring is probably almost maybe sorta coming soonish question mark question mark question mark.

Also, do you have any idea how incredibly graphically gory The Iliad is?  The detailed descriptions of bowels being poured forth upon the beach, spears going through eye sockets, and brains besplattered inside goodly helmets by redoubtable spears are quite, well, vivid.  Also long.  Very long  "Do a course on the Great Books," they said.  "It'll be fun," they said.  Hmm.  The gods are hilarious, though.  They're like the most dysfunctional, horrible family of mighty and all-powerful retards you've ever seen.

Well my face hurts.  This post went nowhere.  I'm gone.