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December 11, 2013

to boldly humbug where no bug has hummed before

{currently listening to this piece of loveliness}

One does try one's hardest not to let winter get under skin (especially not in a literal sense, as that really hurts)    after all, what are immobile and burning extremities, eyelids frozen shut, and heated pet water dishes that must have been made in California to the rest of the world's collection of ill-begotten woes?  But I really can't help but feel that a couple days of glorious -10 dropping to -40 overnight (literally) is just a bit over the top.

But we're moving this week.  Finally.  And foresee a tumultuous lack of internet hovering over it like a rain cloud of despair and desperation.  Fortunately though, the new house is only 20 feet away, so I can just lug my stuff over, one by one, with great convenience and only have to be out in the cold for 30 seconds for at a time.  Oh joys.

I also need my wisdom teeth out.  They'll just have to wait, though.  'Till my January cold, with any luck.  Ugh.  Who was it who said "You forget what a boone it is to breathe through one's nose untill you have a head cold"?  I have a notion it was in an Agatha Christie (perhaps Partner's in Crime) but I couldn't be bothered to find it right now, and it's not relevant anyway.  I just had the thought of my gums being sliced open and my silly teeth being pulled from my poor, abused jaw, leaving gaping chasms of blood and death behind, while being unable to breathe, sleep, or function correctly.  I'll also probably be suffering from epilepsy or some other nervous disorder by then, as the lights in my new room have this ghastly sort of strobe-effect.  Gorlog's beard.  

Here's a fun fact: Horse dewormer is poisonous to all dogs (which we all know), but some breeds of collie have a genetic mutation which makes them 200% more susceptible to ivermectin (a type of horse dewormer).  So you could leave a drop, just a drop, on the ground, and cover it up with plenty of snow, and if a dog with that specific mutation were to lick that particular spot, the dog may display symptoms such as apparent blindness, disorientation, tremors, etc, which could lead to comatose and seizures and eventually death.  But what are the chances of that happening, right?  
Sooo, apparently Charlie has that mutation, plus his is extra special on top of that.  Oh, for the love of monkeys.  But he's okay now.  48 hours of  IV and having charcoal stuffed down his thorat and he's just dandy.  The little idiot.

On a cheerier note, I haven't seen a mosquito in a while.  And there is something just ridiculously satisfying about trudging through the snow while singing wailing Let It Go (from Frozen) at the very top of your burning lungs.  I AM ELSA, QUEEN OF THIS ICEY SNOW PILE.  HEAR ME ROAR.  Yeah.  That's fun.  You can never scare the neighbours too much, I always say.  

And this one is like my theme song.  Because sometimes I forget I'm not a snowman.  Then again, this song could also be my theme song.  Because of reasons.

Speaking of Frozen, I simply must insist you go see it immediately, if you haven't already.  It's even better than Tangled.  And I love Tangled.

And if you happen to have any more of that fair and elusive thing called money, The Book Thief is beautiful and painful and magnificent and perfectly cast and the score is gorgeous and and it's not perfect but I'm please with it especially the cast it's my Rudy and my Max and my Hans and my Rosa and my Liesel but especially Rudy and Max and Hans and Rosa and Liesel they are so beautiful and real like they always were but now I can really see them and what is my heart doing ow stop feels *rant fades out into quiet sobbing*  

Why does it feel like everything in this silly old world is moving faster than me?  (Except for the internet.  The internet is slow.  The internet is dumb.)  No, no.  What's bad is how I let it get so far ahead of me.   
This is hilariously true because I drew this while procrastinating on all my homework. ;__;

Also, why is math a thing.  I'm tired of math.  Math is probably even tired of me.


I'd almost forgotten about it in my mess of boxes and math and snow shoveling and hammering ice out of hooves and scraping it off fluffy coats and asking God not to let my puppy die.  But now I'm remembering and KINDA GOING CRAZY.

I don't even know what's under my bed, but it looks scary.

Math is dumb.

Tumblr is dumb.

Rereading The Hobbit is awesome.

The Catching Fire soundtrack is really good.

Bastille is really good.

I assembled my new bed in my new room in my new house today and I cut myself on it and I think it's infected.  

Why is it almost Christmas.  What have I done with the Advent wreath.  Why do I have no money.

$100 Canadian bills are actually maple syrup scented.  Not that I would know.  I don't have any.  Or a job.  Or a license.  What have I done.

Mother of Mine's birthday is tomorrow.  Guess who doesn't even have a card for her.

“Bah," said Scrooge, "Humbug.” 


  1. Haha! I do believe you have boldly humbugged where no bug has hummed before. I hope things do sort themselves out soon - or that you find ways to sort them out. And I hope your mother's birthday goes splendidly (I'm sure you managed to make a card for her in the nick of time, as we all do). ALSO I hope you manage to/have managed to see The Desolation of Smaug because tis splendid and amazing and stupendous, just like Smaug himself. Yes. I'm glad your dog is ok. Also he's a cutie.

  2. "I'm going to tell him." "Don't you dare!"

    So glad your dog is all right! That would have been scary!

    Your wisdom tooth. I spent all last week thinking mine had to come out and suffering from a bad tooth ache, so I REALLY feel your pain. I am very sorry for you and I'd send you chocolate if I had your address. *Sends chocolate through the internet*

    Ug, sounds like you got the cold snap we had awhile back. Thankfully it does pass, hopefully it has by now, but it isn't much fun while it is there.

    Have you seen The Hobbit yet?!

    1. I'm eating a chocolate right now. I'll pretend it's from you. Thank you very much for your muchiness in sending it to me.

      We have cold snaps every two days at my jolly abode. So I guess that makes it less of a snap and more of an annoying neighbour kid. Or something.

      I have seen The Hobbit. I...I...didn't love it. *hangs head and walks away in tortured shame*