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November 28, 2013

the lengthy adventures of a tired and mostly-appeased whovian

In case you happened to not notice, November 23 was the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who gracing the universe with it's existence.  And that's a pretty big deal, don't you know.  They even had a little shindig at Buckingham.  
And the special episode (The Day of the Doctor)!  Holy fudge monkeys.  

 I managed to talk my dad into taking my sister and I to one of the showings (it was playing in theatres, people.  In 3D.  I mean, it's not 12D.  There was a budget cut or something.  But the 100th anniversary episode is going to be in 12D.  All 57 Doctors.  Yowza.).  We were planning on going to the second last one on the 25th, but we didn't buy our tickets ahead of time (incredibly stupid, I must say.  But I didn't exactly know I was going much in advance, now did I?  Then again, I did somewhat underestimate the Whovian population of my area.), and if one wants to gets into a sold-out theatre (huh, never been in a sold-out theatre before), one had jolly well better be one of the people who sold it out.  So we had to go to the later (and last) one, which was nearly sold-out by then, as well.  

We then spent the next 2 and a half hours sorting/feeling/sniffing/stroking/making friends with books and frightening the staff at the nearby Chapters.  I'm pretty sure every employee in there asked us at at least twice if we were looking for something in particular    like a psychiatrist, maybe?  What?  People don't normally wear wilted celery to bookstores?  Tough luck, sweetie.  

I bought a copy of Journey to the Center of the Earth, in case anybody cares.

We did give a spiffing good go at costumes.  I had my red bow-tie necklace, Journey-to-the-Center-of-the-TARDS-Clara hair (weeeell...ish), TARDS blue nails ('twas a valiant attempt), and Martha Jones (eh...close enough) jacket (more or less).  
Sister of Mine opted for a TARDIS-blue shirt and a stalk of celery pinned to her jacket (a nice touch, didn't see much celery around...plenty of bow-ties, suspenders, and trench coats, with the occasional scarf.  Can't help regretting we picked such a small piece, though.  It shriveled itself down to a pitiful size before too long.).  

Finally, we got to line up to get in.  Only 45 more minutes to go.  A good oportunity to observe the cosplayers who really bothered to bother (my bow-tie and her celery...pathetic).  A couple of decent Nines.  A few cool Fours.  One or two Sevens.  Tens and Elevens without number.  One really nice Five.  Sadly, not many Rivers.  Or Sixes?  Ones?  Twos?  Threes?  Tsk.  The Whovians in my city are apparently slightly disappointing.  

I've never been in a theatre so full.  All the good seats were full within a minute of the doors being opened.  At least the front row seats were really comfy.  Big, padded armrests and everything.  If I'm going to break my neck, I want to do it in style and comfort, people.  

Also, wearing 3D glasses over top of your regular glasses is tricky at best.  Maybe they'll be improved by 6D.  Maybe you won't even need them at all by 9D.  

Strax gave us all a briefing on theatre rules and the methods of punishment that will be used on us if we break them.

Then Matt comes on, in typical Matt style, flapping his hands ("Do you think you could talk without flapping your hands around?" "Yes.  No.") and complaining about the lameness of 3D and telling us that there are Zygons about (an old shape-shifting, flesh-eating Who monster that's been out commission for 38 years - the 50th anniversary episode is full of them, FYI), but we're perfectly safe, because our glasses our equipped with a Zygon detection unit    just close one eye, look to person next to you, and if one of their eyes is dark, they're a Zygon (if you happen to have a pair of RealD glasses, go close one eye in the mirror).  "The important thing is not to panic!"  

And then David comes on, giving us a friendly warning to duck, as Matt's chin is a health hazard.  Nice one.

And then it started. 

>>--------> By the way, this is where it gets spoilery-woilery (no idea where I get this stuff from).  If thee hast yet to see it, I entreat thee to stop thineself ere ye spoil it for thee. <--------<<

Oh guys.  I'm pleased.  Quite pleased.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be.  I wasn't at all optimistic about there being a Secret Doctor.  Although, that may have been mostly because it messed up the numbers, so Nine was Ten, Ten was Nine, &c.  That upset my OCD tendencies immensely.  
But it works.  Really well.  The space between Eight and Nine created a perfect opportunity for Moffat to do something crazy like that.  He took it.  And he did it well.   

I liked the Warrior Doctor.  And him with Ten and Eleven (those two together...classic) was hilarious. 
 And Rose.  Or Bad Wolf girl.  I'm not sure if I should call her Rose, because she wasn't really Rose, was she?  Certainly not what I was expecting.  I don't think anybody was expecting that, right?  But she was pretty cool.  {I love a weapon of mass destruction with a conscience and sense of humour, don't you?}  
I really loved this episode and I thought it was really well done on the whole.  Very unexpected.  I wasn't at all sure how it was going to end, to be honest.  {I was like "Nah. That couldn't possibly happen, because that would change the show in a drastic sort of way."  And then then it happened and it was really awesome and whoa and I'm pretty sure Doctor Who is not going to be quite the same ever again.  I don't quite know what to think about that, but I'm thinking it's a happy thing.  I mean, whoa.  I just...wasn't really....expecting that.}  
I love the ending.  Happy.  What is this happy?  I don't know "happy".  

And it was nice to finally get our Elizabeth I questions addressed.  Lol.
Yeah, Doctor.  Just leaving like that after you married her would do it.  Wait, does that make you King of England?   And since Amy married Henry VIII that makes her your mother-in-law not once but twice.  Wow.  This show.  

I was bit confused at the beginning, though.  Considering how The Name of the Doctor ended, with Clara and the Doctor stuck in his timeline with a big old looming "TO BE CONTINUED", I didn't expect it to start with them both going about their normal business (as normal as normal business can be on this show).  It's obviously somehow after that, but...  Huh.  Whatever. 

I do have a complaint.  A couple, actually.  First off, Christopher Eccleston refusing to be in it.  Chris, you selfish goon.  Go sit in that corner and think about what you've done.
And second, I can't help but think that Moffat made it more of a celebration of him and his own work on Who instead of 50 years of the whole thing.  Ten, Eleven, and the Warrior Doctor are what it revolved around when there should have been more of the classic stuff.  The fact that Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy didn't even make a small appearance in it (apart from those clips in that one momentous scene), strikes me as stupid.  And what about Sean Pertwee (Jon Pertwee's son)?  He should've had a cameo, no?  
The story, he got.  But the other things that would've really made it The 50th Anniversary celebration of the one the greatest shows on TV ever were left out.  *shakes fist*  MOFFAAAAAT!  

Besides that though, it worked.  It worked very well indeed.  I am happy.  The beast has been appeased.  Weeeeeell.  Mostly.

Links of interest: - The mini-prequel to The Day of the Doctor.  Watch it, people.  Gosh, I love Eight.  "Bring me knitting!" - This is hilarious.  And Peter Jackson and Ian McKellen make an appearance, as well.  Good stuff. - Things you may have missed.  Like, River's pumps being a weapon of mass destruction.

Also, here's some Grumpy Ten to make your day extra bright.


  1. So fun. :) Didn't read past spoilers though, I have yet to see the Day of the Doctor....

  2. I cannot WAIT to watch Day of the Doctor...but as I'm a new Whovian and I just finished series three (Tenth Doctor), I'm gonna have to wait.