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November 03, 2013

that bold and raging beast

snow by Nessima Tavariel on Grooveshark

Winter (noun; a 6 month span of frozen humbuggery and iced-over horse water troughs that is really only looked forward to by 3 yr olds and those crazy athletes who cannot think of a felicity in the world superior to tumbling down mountain sides on planks of wood or sliding across ice on blades attached to an excessively uncomfortable pair of shoes. I am neither, by the way), when it punctually shows its silly face at my window, is more like a family member than anything else.  

I mean, besides frozen humbuggery.  

Summer is like that one person who's awfully fun to have around, but you don't know overly well.  You invite them over, but they run out on you in an excessively rude manner, but not before they've eaten all the blueberry and white chocolate scones, drank all the tea, and probably nipped all the jammie dodgers as well.  It's terribly lovely when it hangs about, but when it skips around some ill-begotten corner (it's probably fake-texting something super important), you can only look at it with a look of disapproval.  What right has it to make your air conditioning run for a month or two and then drop you in the cold and soggy dirt?  Shocking misconduct.  

But then winter comes to comfort you like an annoying relative (an odd-smelling and bossy aunt, perhaps) that thinks it's helping anything by moving in, holding up the bathroom, using all the hot water (literally), and messing up your laundry schedule.  Annoying, yes; but strangely comforting in it's very familiarity.  Like someone you don't particularly like, but who seems to care about you an awful lot and has actually bothered to spend time with you, unlike O disdainful and haughty Summer.  Not to say I enjoy it   quite the opposite   but the familiar way it bursts through your front door (and the back one...and the windows...and the cracks in your walls...) settles itself in its favourite chair like it had just stepped out to get its hair done and starts bossing you around like it had received a gilded invitation to do so from God Himself is nothing short of admirable.   It may be a ghastly nuisance, but at least it doesn't skulk behind corners like cowardly summer.

The world may change, the price of gas may soar, cookies may grow stale, and even the duck face may go out of style (heaven forbid), but winter will always be there to catch me with feather-soft arms of uncomfortably cold ice crystals.  (But if it ever does feel like taking a holiday one year or something, I'm sure I'll be able to soldier on and deal with my bruises bravely.)   

And of course, it's not without merit beyond all that stuff.  There is something intensely pleasant about wrapping oneself up in a fleecy blanket while trying to manage a large mug of hot chocolate and a heavy hardcover at the same timeflannel jimjams, and candy-cane coffee shops, not to mention Christmas and all its glory, combined with that magnificent peace and silent stillness of fields and forests while snow gently falls down on snow that no other season has the grace to produce.  Of course, there's no such thing as "silent stillness" when your nostrils are freezing up, sleet being thrown into your eyeballs like you're nature's own personal dart board, and a windchill of -45, but one can hardly have everything, right?

This has been a moderately sarcastic post, brought to you by Nessima Tavariel.


  1. I totally agree with everything you've said in this post, and I shall now proceed to be grateful that I only have four-ish months of cold weather in my state. Also your photos are great and I love the playlist you made. :)

  2. I just realized reading your post that Winter is the most familiar season to doesn't really make sense, it's not like I've seen more Winters than Summers or something...maybe because there's always so much family in the Winter. Anyway, I liked your post; that last paragraph especially. :)

  3. I would like winter way more, I think, if it didn't last so long here. We have like... two months of semi-warm weather, and two months of warm weather, and the rest is cold. And snowy. And I don't like shoveling. XD

    I really liked your interpretation of winter though, s'cool! (pun might have been intended.)


  4. I am absolutely charmed by this post. God bless!