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November 18, 2013

middle-earth challenge - days 9 to 11

{30 Day Middle-earth Challenge at Lianne Taimenlore & The Splendor Falls on Castle Walls}

Day 9, being prettiest dress.  The entirety of Éowyn's wardrobe, with particular attention to the white, the green, and the yellow coronation dresses, all of which I've already gone over.

Of course, since they're all equally gorgeous, I could also say the Requiem dress.  
Or the Cranberry dress, which got a truly depressing amount of screentime, and it's annoying difficult to find pictures of.  In the movies, you can see a bit of the neckline and shoulder in the scene where Aragorn washes up after his swan dive off a cliff and a dunking in the river, and that's it.  That gorgeous light green Coronation gown is also worth mentioning once again.  

But then, they all are.

As a side note on the costumes of The Hobbit, since I am unable to shut up on this subject, I've been properly examining at Legolas and Tauriel's costumes....
His makeup is just bad.  But is his costume is fantastic.
{via. wow, his makeup is bad.}
{via Entertainment Weekly}
Taken at the Live Fan Event in Los Angeles by

And I must say, I am immensely pleased.  Immensely, immensely pleased.  Like, stupidly crazy pleased.  The colours (I've been waiting my whole life for those colours) and scaley stuff on Legolas's are brilliant.  And Tauriel's?  I don't know, guys.  It's like my idea of perfection has been made into reality.  The style, the lines, the shape, the colours.  fakjdsnksdadfnjkfgkjjKKFSghsd.  

Day 10, being most epic armour.  I'm sure you've noticed by now that I have an affinity for anything and everything Rohirric and Elvish.  Éomer's red-brown leather armour with silver designs, along with the helmet that so many people seem to think is just ridiculous (I don't, by the way), is magnificent.  


As is Elrond's.  
Day 11, being favourite battle.  Of all the battles in Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Silmarillion - from the stirring and triumphant, to the devastating and defeated - how does one pick a favourite?  I don't know.  
Maybe the Great Battle, in which the Valar, at Eärendil's (he's Elrond's father, by the way.  He sails around the heavens in a ship, and he's a star, as in, literally a star, and Elrond's mother, Elwing, has wings like bird and flew across the sea with him, and Elrond basically has the coolest family you've ever seen) hard-won request, came to the aid of the people of Middle-earth and (to quote it loosely...ish) "all the North was aflame with war... The Balrogs were destroyed, save some few that fled and hid themselves in caverns at the roots of the earth; the orcs perished like straw in a great fire, or were swept like shriveled leaves before a burning wind.  Morgoth loosed upon his foes the last desperate assault that he had prepared, and out of the pits of Angband came winged dragons; so sudden and so ruinous was the onset of that dreadful fleet that the Valar were driven back.  But Eärendil came, shining with white flame, and with him all the grwat birds of heaven and Thorondor was their captain, and was a battle in the air that last all the day and through a night of doubt.   Before the rising of the sun, Eärendil slew Ancalagon the Black, the mightiest of the dragon-host, and he fell upon the towers of Thangorodrim, breaking them in his ruin.  Then the sun rose, and the Valar prevailed... Morgoth was bound in chains, and his iron crown the beat into a collar for his neck, and his head was bowed upon his knees."  
I mean, gosh.  GOSH.  That's pretty magnificent stuff right there.  

And I can't not mention Fingolfin challenging Morgoth to single combat.  Of course, Fingolfin, whom I was always quite fond of, was brutally crushed and killed, and I'm not even sure if you consider that an actual battle, because it was just the two of them.  But the hopeless heroism of it is bloody (wow - no pun intended) spectacular.  MY HEART.  THE FEELS. 

{by John Howe}
Helm's Deep is possibly my favourite in LOTR, though.   Because....not sure why, actually.  Maybe it's not.  Maybe I can't process all this magnificence right now.  I'll come back and finish it later.

By the way, the winners of the giveaway were Karis and Aspirer, in case anybody was wondering.

Also, did my first guest post.  'Tis a momentous occasion.  Made less momentous by the fact nefelibata is spelled wrong.  

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