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November 18, 2013

middle-earth challenge - days 12 to 16

{30 Day Middle-earth Challenge at Lianne Taimenlore & The Splendor Falls on Castle Walls}

Day 12, being favourite location.  Favourite location?  I don't think I have one.  I dare say I could live quite comfortably in Rivendell.
But I would love equally well to hang about in the serene tranquility of Lothlórien.
The horse-scented (I'm assuming they smell like horses) and gilded mead halls and stables of Edoras also seem to be a lovely place to be.
I'm quite stuck, you see.  Perhaps I should just join Faramir's rangers, move to Ithilien, and have done with this question.

Day 13, being funniest quote.  Pretty much every second line from The Hobbit book.  And I love Legolas and Gimli's banter and their orc-slaying toll.  And of course Merry and Pippin on the subject of food.  

Day 14, being saddest quote.  Sink me, I find meself unable to think of a quote which I can pin down as the saddest.  I can, however, think of enough sad scenes to satisfy a masochist.  

The fate of Maedhros and Maglor, to begin with.  Heaven knows I'm no huge of the Fëanoreans and all their horrible deeds.  But at the end, when they'd fought so hard for so long, and all their family was gone, and all the rubbish about that retched oath was all for naught, all they saw was a "damned if I do and damned if I don't" situation    fulfill their oath and fall into Everlasting Darkness, or break the oath and do the same.  
I think, as Maglor said, they would've been forgiven and things might've turned out tolerably okay-ish had they yielded the Silmarils.  But they were half mad and had nothing left to lose.  I'm not saying they made the right decision.  But it doesn't make it any less heartbreaking. 

 "The jewel burned the hand of Maedhros in pain unbearable... And being in anguish and despair he cast himself into a gaping chasm filled with fire.  
It ends in flame by Gold-Seven
It is told of Maglor that he could not endure the pain with which the Simaril tormented him; and he cast at last into the Sea, and thereafter wandered ever upon the shores, singing in pain and regret beside the waves.  For Maglor was mighty among the singers of old, named only after Daeron of Doriath; but he came never back among the people of the Elves."
In pain and regret by Gold-Seven
The battle of Nirnaeth Arnoediad ("Unnumbered Tears, for no song or tale can contain all it's grief") is arguably the most heartbreaking part in any of the books, but I'm not even going to mention it, okay?  It's too soon, guys.  Too soon.  
Nirnaeth Arnoediad
{via.  That's basically how I feel about the Nirnaeth, okay?}







Nothing-Goes-Right Noldo: Nírnaeth Arnoediad

Nothing-Goes-Right Noldo…?
Brother Makalaurë, this reminds me of you!

What is this?!  ”Unnumbered Tears”?! 

Surely you must know the Battle of Nirnaeth Arnoediad, cousin? It was the battle in which Findekáno was… was lost.

No, I had left the Halls by that point I think.  I don’t know anything of what happened!  All I know is that everyone died….  And now I want to hug Findekáno.

Ah. I am sorry. I thought you may have heard… I have not seen you in the Halls yet, so I did not know you knew naught… You should hug him. I think he needs one, and you are his brother after all.

I left rather quickly… it was lonely and quite depressing.  Námo, whenever I saw him, had this irritating “I told you so” expression that did not help at all.  And I would hug him, but I think he’s still in the halls…?

It is indeed rather depressing… I cannot say I enjoy it much, save the company of my brothers and Findekáno. He is in the Halls, yes… should I hug him for you?
{via. the Nothing-Goes-Right Noldo meme. I would say lol, but there's actually nothing funny about this.}

I'm sure you don't need me to tell every sad part of these stories.  Basically every time someone awesome dies, it hurts.  Namely, Beleg Cúthalion (the circumstances of his death don't help, either.  In fact they make me want to go on a mad rampage and break things.), Boromir, Théoden, Fili and Kili (the line of Durin being so easily broken kills me a little a lot), &c... Also, when Éomer thought Éowyn was dead.  Especially in the movie, because Karl Urban played that scene beautifully.  

Oh, and the part where Frodo tells Sam to go home.  

'But he's a liar. He's poisoned you against me!'
'You can't help me anymore.'
'You don't mean that.'
'Go home.' 


And of course the end of LOTR.  Which isn't really what I would call sad, but the weight of The End of such a story is nothing short of emotionally devastating.  And then Into The West starts playing and it's all WHY DO I HAVE EMOTION and what not.

Day 15, being favourite steed.  Shadowfax and Bill tie this one quite nicely, I think.  

{by John Howe}
{and above, via}
But then again, if either Glorfindel or Arwen would use him to help save hope and goodness and teatime, then Asfaloth must be nothing short of spectacular.  

Does Asfaloth Fear the Witch-King? Naaaaay!!!
Asfaloth by CG-Warrior
Honestly though, weren't all the horses magnificent?   

Day 16, being best antagonist.  Smaug vs. Smeagol is what this is.  
On the one hand, we have Smaug.  He's a dragon.  With dragon sized sass.  I love dragons, even when I hate them.  When they're funny, they're even better. 
But then you have Smeagol.
Repulsive, hateful, and stinking.  But pitiable, above all that.  Yes, he'd murder you in your sleep, steal your family heirlooms, and drop your crunchings and munchings off a cliff (shocking depravity).  But he's weak-willed.  There is no possible way that one so weak-willed as him could come in contact with something as powerful the Ring and not be completely consumed by it.  Maybe he wasn't such a lovely chap even before the Ring found him.  But how he is now is his fault only to a certain extent.  
He's a brilliant character.  So he wins.  Sorry, Smaug.
{via.  I know you're upset, Smaug.  But I don't what you had to go and eat the ponies for.}.

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