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November 08, 2013

middle-earth challenge - day 8

Lianne Taimenlore & The Splendor Falls on Castle Walls
(This is going to be a really long and picture-laden costume analysis on LOTR and The Hobbit.  You have been warned.)

Day 8, being favourite costume.  For most movies, this might be easier.  But the costumes of LOTR and The Hobbit are practically without peer.  The English-country style of the hobbits,

the graceful and sleek, sometimes ethereal and shimmering, sometimes rich and velvety, design of the elves, 

the deep and royal blues and purples of Gondor, 

the earthy browns and greens of Rohan,

and the heaviness of the leather, metal, and fur of the dwarves....  

Each and every costume is different, beautiful, and amazingly detailed.  

Lord of the Rings costume details

I have to say I'm quite partial to elvish and Rohhiric look, though.  I love Legolas' green & grey/brown tunic, slightly embellished with silver designs and looking to be something along the lines of suede.  It's a good look.  Very good. 

And then there's Arwen's Chase dress.  It's the blue-grey outfit she wears when she rides with Frodo to Rivendell.  It's obviously much different than her long, flowing gowns with sleeves you could probably escape from second or third-floor window with in the absence of bed sheets.  She would hardly be able to save dying hobbit, leap onto a horse, run from a group of undead stalkers, and wield a sword in that sort of gown. 

It's beautiful and practical and possibly my favourite of all her costumes.  I mean, the Requiem, the Blood Red, the Coronation, the Cranberry, and the Battle dress (which I shouldn't actually count because there are about one and a half crappy pictures of it in existence) are all just as incredible, but I have a particular fondness for clothes you can actually do stuff in.  

I also feel Celeborn's silvery-blue tunic with dark silver accents and bluey-greeney cloak/jacket thing also deserves special mention.  It's just so beautiful.  

Éowyn's wardrobe is absolutely perfect.  Like, better than Arwen's perfect.  The white wool, 


the Sheildmaiden dress, 

the blue Victory dress,

and the dark green, which I particularly love.  The design is fantastic.  Nay, brilliant.  The wide neckline with the collar that folds.  The gold accents, the belt, way the skirt is tucked up... Brilliant.

And of course the light yellow coronation dress.

The Lord of the Rings

Are all utterly gorgeous, as is the Funeral dress which, to quote Miranda Otto, "...was fabulous.  It carried it's own personality   dark and heavy, beautiful but stifling   and gave me bearing; made me stand tall but, at the same time, weighed me down wit tradition as well as grief "  Which, I think, says quite a bit about her character.

Other costumes that really stand out especially are Faramir's Ranger outfit,

Kili's rather awesome outfit, 

and Elrond's from The Hobbit.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that you really shouldn't ask me this question because Ngila Dickson and Ann Maskrey's costumes are without flaw (actually, I take that back   Ann Maskrey's costumes for the female elves aren't quite as good as they could've.  Sorry Ann.  You're just not Ngila.  Your dwarf costumes are brilliant.  As are Elrond and Thranduil's.  And Tauriel's outfit is cool too.  But I'm still not sure if I like Galadriel's dress.) and I have too much to say on the subject.  I FEEL DEEPLY ABOUT THESE COSTUMES OKAY?!?  Okay.

Lord of the Rings costume details


  1. Great post! :D LotR and the Hobbit costumes are amazinggg. I especially love Eowyn's dresses.

  2. Awesome post. If only we could dress like that in modern society :)