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November 19, 2013

middle-earth challenge - day 17 {favourite male character}

{30 Day Middle-earth Challenge at Lianne Taimenlore & The Splendor Falls on Castle Walls}

Day 17, being favourite male character.  Ah.  This question.  I did have it narrowed down to a tie between Faramir and Aragorn.  I promise I did.  Then I read The Silmarillion, and there were, inevitably, additions to the list.  

Finrod Felagund.  Galadriel's eldest brother.  You gotta love this guy.  Tall, noble.  Nice man (erm, elf), good with kids.   FA 465!  All was very not well, and he was killed by a werewolf saving Beren's life.  
Finrod by Gold-Seven
 Beleg Cúthalion.  He was as good a friend to Turin as Sam was to Frodo.  And he's awesome beside that.  
And maybe Fingon the valiant, because of reasons.  Lots of reasons.  
I'm also tempted to put Maedhros on this list, even though I often want to strangle him.  Then strangle him again.  And once more for good measure.
There will be blood. by Gold-Seven
And if Maedhros gets to up there, so does Maglor.  
{via. I don't think you understand how much I love Jenny Dolfen's art.}
He was a good guy stuck in a bad family.  He generally tried to do the right thing after he had done that very bad thing.  He doesn't try to hide the shame him and his family have written upon their history by pretending that what they, and him along with them, wasn't horrible. 
I love how he looked after Elrond and Elros.  Of course, he wouldn't have had to look after them had he and his brothers not rudely destroyed their home and kidnapped them, making their parents think they had been brutally murdered, but there it is.  

Which leads me to the subject of Elrond.  
You watch/read Lord of the Rings and you're like "Elrond    yeah, he's okay."  But then you read The Silmarillion, and you gain a whole new appreciation for him, his family, and his whole tragic story.  So I guess he gets a place on the favourite character list, as well.  

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