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October 02, 2013

just the sort of day for pushing cheeky young blighters off bridges

"Birthdays always amuse me."  To quote myself (because I love to do so, and until there's a law against it, and even after that, I shall continue to do so). 

When you sit and think about it though, they're kinda like "Hey!  Congratulations on moving one year closer your demise, after which I'll never have to see you again!  Now let's move that day even closer by destroying your body with unhealthy cake and pampering to your greed by showering you with things I spent money on because I felt obliged to do so because of tradition and protocol.  Also so that you in turn feel obliged to do the same for me when I'm a little closer to my demise, after which you'll never have to converse with me ever again, which you'll obviously suffer grievously from because I'm just really fabulous even if you don't realize it right now but you will.  OH, YOU WILL."

Obviously, I'll deny ever saying any of that.  

Anyway, Eldest Sister of Mine (otherwise known as Stiffy) is one day closer to her Demise today, and as I never post and she complains about that more than anyone else (geez, it's like you guys don't even care about me), I thought I would mention the fact that she is older than she was yesterday.  And that's just darling.  So here's to Stiffy, who only got angry once or twice when I stole her shnazzy wall mirror and beats me at cards every. single. freakin. time.  

RDJ Birthday

In other news, summer is very much no longer existent in my neck of the woods, and I'm slightly chilled and quite wet (it won't stop raining, and snow is in the forecast).  On the upside, one doesn't have to shave one's legs so often in winter.  So that's nice.

I finished season 5 of Merlin last night in the weeish hours, but I won't talk about that right now because of reasons and pain and death and Gawaine and pain and Arthur and tears and endings and stuff.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is shaping up quite tastily.

I actually did read The Silmarillion this summer.  It was brilliant and I hope you're all very proud of me.

I'm having deep and grand ponderings on whether or not I should have a giveaway with prizes supplied my none other than your Very Favourite Blogger (being me.  duh.).  It shall be fallish.  Assuming of course it ever actually happens.  Which is unlikely.

My new bedroom is partially painted.  I'm not sure what in bloody heck made me choose that weird light yellow-green colour, but I did, so I'll just have to live with that and think happy thoughts (such as not the last few episodes of Merlin).

Also, what's with the sudden influx of new followers?  Gosh, I feel so loved.  Hi, followers!

Because everyone needs some unnerving gifs of Tom Baker in their lives.

Speaking of Tom Baker, The Silver Chair movie was announced as "in development" yesterday!  Come dance on the rooftops with me.  Try not to hurt yourselves.  Actually, you may just want to stay on the ground.  We don't even know who's going to be cast yet.  My fingers are crossed for Will Poulter...

Now I'm off to push cheeky young blighters off bridges.  

Or watch Leverage.  

Or punch Nazis.  

You never know.  It's just that sort of day.


  1. Are you feeling imponderable? You know, in-POND-erable?

    I didn't know The Silver Chair was in production! That is awesome. I'd really like Will Poulter to star as Eustace again. He was perfect.

    Happy Birthday to Stiffy! (I love your gif of RDJ. I hope it was that awesome. :)

    Enjoy your Leverage. Or Doctor Who. Whichever you end up watching. :)

    1. I have a sneaking suspicion you're making a pun about the Ponds. And that hurts. =|


  3. I am so excited about the Silver chair!!! WOOPEE!!! Oh you watch Leverage? *fist pump* how do you like it? oh and btw have you finished Merlin yet?

    1. Leverage is brilliant and I like it muchly.

      I have finished Merlin. AND NOW I'M LYING ON THE COLD HARD FLOOOOORRR.

  4. Happy birthday to your sister!

    You finished Merlin, I feel your pain. (I haven't yet but I found out how it ends by accident.)

    Tom Baker and Silver Chair mentioned in the same post. I shall have a moment of squealing happiness.

    That awkward almost hug between Merlin and Arthur, that will never get old.

    And Agents of SHIELD....oh yeah!