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July 23, 2013

that, my lad, was a velociraptor

*Warning: this very overdue post contains an excessive use of caps-lock and some mild emotions.

So stuff happened, and I missed it.  That's one of my greatest talents, actually, missing stuff.  Whether it be by accident, like when I saw The Avengers in theatres.  I was focused on it the whole time, except for when Fury made a reference to "flying monkeys", when something   I don't know what   distracted me for one second, and Cap says "I understood that reference!", and the whole theatre can't breathe for laughing, and I'm all "What?  What?!?  What reference?!  TELL MEEEEE!!"  It was awful. 

Or on purpose, because I didn't fully comprehend how great that thing would be, or I did and I just wimped out for any number of facepalm-inducing reasons.

Or just by the ill-fated wind that blows, circumstances conspire against me   lack of funds, lack of people to go with, lack of a bajillion other things   I was not in the arena they call Hall H on a certain day this week to be subjugated   or to defy subjugation...always wanted to do that   by a certain Frost Giant of Asgard burdened with glorious purpose.

Ah, Tom.  What a fantastic chap.  I may have said that before.  Well, saying it again don't hurt nothin'.  The fact that one can watch an hour long interview with him and grin the whole time is something.  Tom says lovely things and does great impersonations, and Zach makes weird faces.  Though if you do watch it, which you really should if you have an hour to spare, f-word at 0:18 and 1:02:34...pretty much anytime Zach is left alone on stage.  
Or if you don't have time to watch the whole thing, and you're one of the cool people who think that there should be a remake of The Scarlet Pimpernel, even though the old one is still as dandy as ever, and you think he really needs (it's a NEED need, not just a need) to play Percy, skip to 0:42:16 and then smack the arms of your chair and spin in circles while jumping on your pretend pogo stick because HE SAID EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTEDNEEDED HIM TO SAY.  And also something about sliding down some stairs... 

But besides all this disappointment I am feeling on account of me not being at Comic Con, and the rage I am feeling at tumblr (yes, I have tumblr now.  Of all the bad ideas...) for destroying my okayness at not being at the place in question...  

You've all seen the How to Train Your Dragon 2 teaser?




First official promo poster for HTTYD 2.


We are are so ready for this.  Very much so.  And this video (from, guess where...Comic Con! *muted wail of agony*)'s a trilogy!  *squees of joyousness*  Ahem.

Speaking of trailers we've all seen...The Desolation of Smaug.  I am calm.  I am calm.  You guys should see how calm I am.  Nothing but calmness here!  My calmness has calmness on it's calmness.  I am calm as a starfish on the ocean floor.  *struggles to repress feelings that would indicate otherwise, fails and so goes off to compose self so as not to break the caps-lock and annoy you to death but I. AM. CALM.*
And in other news, Matt's leaving and shaved his head.  

Karen also shaved her head.  Her hair.  Her lovely ginger hair...

The title of The Avengers sequel was announced  The Age of Ultron.  Sweet.

My new bedroom now has half a wall.

Kate had offspring.  
forget every royal baby photo announcement - this is by far the best
I finally got caught up on Doctor Who (we'll just ignore Classic Who for now for the sake of all our sanity) for the first time since ever.  The Name of the Doctor.  The end of it though...
 Moffat.  Moffat, Moffat, Moffat.  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU CHEATING RAT?!?  I'm angry, Moffat.  WHY'D YOU HAVE TO GO MESS WITH NINE?  I'm angry and worried. I really don't know what this will do to me.  
Also, why is Matt leaving?  You said confirmed for season 8!  I'm sure I'll love the next Doctor.  Undoubtedly.  But gosh.  It just gives me the GRRRRRs.  GRRRRRR.

Uummm...where was I?    

I saw Iron Man.  Pretty excellent, it was.  

Obviously, I forgot I meant to post more than once a month.  But in my defense, my computer needed work (again), and they kept if for a whole week, even though we paid for express service.  Horrible ordeal.  

Oh, oh, oh!  Watched Lord of the Rings again a couple weeks ago.  Honestly, I love them more each time I watch them.  I also get more emotional. :/  I used to be able to watch Frodo sail away with the Elves and have the whole thing end and just be like "I feel a slight tingling in my fingers.  I think it's effecting me."  But now that I'm the emotionally wrecked and pathetic creature that I am, it went more like me bawling like a baby (I used to be so strong...) and mum asking ina shocked voice "Are you actually crying?" and me shooting back (as much as one can "shoot back" when they're drowning in their own homemade seawater) "Not all tears are an evil, okay?!?" 

Alright.  I've said what I felt I needed to say.  I'm going now.  I'll be back sometime soonish.  But right now, I need...something.  Ice cream...Merlin...sleep.  

Nessie out.


  1. Oh, I loved that clip with Tom Hiddleston! I would so TOTALLY join his army. :)

    I cannot believe how cool Hiccup is now. I stared at him and thought, "It's just not fair, how attractive cartoon characters are these days!" I approve of the flaming sword. Squeeeeeee indeed!

    You must forgive my indiscreet laughter, but I LOVE that picture of Lion King with all the Royals' faces plastered on top of them! That. Is. Brilliant.

    Yes. I can't believe Eleven is leaving. And if John Hurt becomes the new Doctor, or if they're using him as the forgotten Ninth, or whatever, I'm not sure I'm going to be happy. I LOVED Eleven. And now he is leaving me. And I has much sorrow.

    I cry over the Lord of the Rings all the time. The end *kills* me. Every time. And all the sad bits with Faramir. And the sad bits with the Hobbits. And Gandalf. And Eomer when he finds Eowyn. In fact, most of the third movie has me in tears. Laaaame. :)

    Cheers! Have a great night.

    1. Much much much sorrow, indeed.

      And then when Boromir dies. If you're a Boromir fan, that is. Most people seem to not be for some reason. But I am. He's one of my favourite characters, actually.

    2. EEEP! ANOTHER BOROMIR FAN!!!!! *gasps for breath* .... I like you.

  2. Why are you so funny? WHY? I was reading this with a huge grin on my face.

    You know, still not a Hiddlestoner or whatever. But I can see it...coming...*squints into the distance*...the wave of Hiddles-obsession is headed towards me....

    And you know, something amazing happened to me! I've never been a LOTR fan before (I know, I know) but recently watched all 3 films in one go (just cos I wanted a marathon) and I FELL IN LOVE!!! OK?!?!? IT WAS LOVE!! IT WAS EPIC AND IT WAS AWESOME AND BLINDINGLY BRILLIANT!!! *sigh* Yeah....And since then I've watched it two more times (in one go - that's right, nearly 12 hours worth of footage), and then I got the books and teehee, now I'm drowning in LotR feels.


  3. My inner nerd is screaming, too. The Hobbit! HTTYD!! Avengers 2! Catching Fire!!! Oh, I wish I could go to ComicCon. Also, a whole bunch of my favourite authors did a panel, and I soooo would have loved to see that... Also, I love your commentary on the ending of LOTR. It's starting to get that way with me, too. :)

    1. Inner nerd? It's like that and the rest of my entire being that's screaming...

  4. OH my. I can not believe I just watched that entire interview. Okay, yes I can. That was nice. Very fun. Thanks for sharing it. The end. Happy.
    Oh How To Train Your awesome. Man. :)

  5. He was having WAY too much fun with that Loki bit. Trying to look all serious and menacing and smirking. He's so brilliant, I'd love to meet him sometime. (OH!!! I agree about Percy. I liked the original Percy, but him, in a remake. YES! The only way to remake it. Someone, please do this. AND HE'D GET TO SMIRK THROUGH ALMOST THE WHOLE MOVIE!!!!! He needs a smirking role. Just one smirking role. Pretty please?)

    Hiccup...grown up. You summed it up for me. I don't mind him grown up, but why;d he have to do it without asking?!?! SOOOOO can't wait for that movie!!!!!!!!! EPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Matt Smith...YES!!! HE SAID SERIES EIGHT!!! I HEARD him!!!! And I liked him so much with Clara 8-(

    I share your sorrow over comic con. The dream geek vacation. Can you imagine actually being there? Someday, somehow, I must go. End of story.

    1. Hmm, Sir Percy Hiddleston... interesting much. Loki insulting a frenchman's cravat, t'would be priceless, simply priceless! But, I have to say, with all this talk of smirking I do feel horribly compelled to mention a certain Henry Tilney...*cough*...

      "now I *must* give one smirk, and then we can be rational again."

  6. I want Tom as Percy.

  7. This is a third comment because Tumblr and Blogger are becoming one and the same to me. But anyway my dear, how did you ever come to be so bloody awesome?

    1. Long time I was about me, and I was burned. Then I was
      plunged into the deep water and all was dark. Cold it was as the tide
      of death: it almost froze my heart. Then to the uttermost foundations
      of stone I came, and I struggled with a thing of slime, stronger than a
      strangling snake. Ever he clutched at me, and ever I hewed him, till
      at last he fled into dark tunnels. I pursued him and clutched at his
      heel. Up we climbed the Endless Stair, from the lowest dungeon to the
      highest peak. I threw down my enemy, and he fell from the high place
      and broke the mountain-side where he smote it in his ruin. I did the
      whole thing with great skill.

      And that's the story of how I became so awesome. What about you? What's your "how I became awesome" story?


  9. Okay, I had no idea about any of that. WOW. Yeah, I've been out of the loop for a while. But holy smokes, thanks for sharing the HTTYD 2 trailer – got to the end and I cried out, "Oh SNAP!" hahaha How did he get so grown up?!???

  10. Hi Nessie! Been reading your blog for a while now, anonymously. So... I thought I'd finally introduce myself. Hi! Love your blog!! =D

    Ok, just saying... movie stars should come out to comic con in their costumes much, much more frequently. That was much-o awesome-o.

    A HTTYD TRILOGY??? Say whaaa???? Really reaally more excited about this than I should be.

    Smaug trailer. Calm we must not keep, carry on squeeing we must.

    Does anybody, anybody at all know where on earth that GIF of Martin Freeman came from? It's been sitting in my Pinterest for months now, still just as mysterious as ever. Too, too funny.