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June 26, 2013

a big list of smaller lists // summer

I made list.  Of summer things.  

{a lovely little playlist}

Berlin // Snow Patrol
Six Weeks and Lakehouse // Of Monsters and Men
These Streets // Bastille
Look How Far We've Come and On Top of the World // Imagine Dragons
To The Sky // Owl City
Farther Along // Josh Garrels
In My Arms // Jon Foreman
Red Lipstick // Skint & Demoralised
Viva la Vida // the 2CELLOS cover
Run Boy Run // Woodkid (and watch the official video. because that is a good video.)
Marching On // OneRepublic

{a booklist that attempted ambitiousness}

The Silmarillion // JRR Tolkien
Pride & Prejudice // Jane Austen (would you believe I haven't read that yet?)
The Lantern Bearers // Rosemary Sutcliff
a Sherlock Holmes or two // Arthur Conan Doyle
A Girl of the Limberlost // Gene Porter
Mara, Daughter of the Nile // Eloise Jarvis McGraw (a reread)

{a things-I'm-going-to-try-to-do list}

·blog more than once a month...haha.
·finish Merlin season 5
·*insert something here about wanting to finally start an etsy shop, except it's wretchedly unlikely because construction on our new house has started again, after a very long break (a year) due to due us having a delusional little criminal of a contractor   long story   but we hope to be moving in in the fall, so yay for that and psychotic busyness and unfulfilled dreams of etsy shops.*
·putting a lot more time on Gwynn (poor duck, I've been ignoring her.  Just for clarification though, Gwynn's a horse, not a duck.)
·draw more, or at least finish some of those half-done pictures, like tha Arwen one (although I'm thinking that one just needs starting over.  I wrecked it with colour.  Dreadful shame.) and the Justine Waddel/Tess of D'Urbervilles one (which I'm almost proud of, even though I've never seen that movie and don't really feel like it now or ever.).  I'm dwindling, don't you know.

{a things-I-actually-am-going-to-do list}

·going up north to celebrate my great grandpa's 100th birthday. ·school.  Mainly math.  No, no   pity me not.  I have brought this most grievous of misfortunes upon myself.  But if you want, you can send me candy or something.
·(probably) working at the barn next door, which we actually own, but renting it out to people who are opening it up as a real proper equestrian center.  
·going to see Les Mis in a few weeks.  YUP.
·learning how to drive...says mum.  Still don't know I can't just ride my horse everywhere.  Thousands of years the human race survives by going by foot and by hooves and I need to learn how to drive a car.  Perfectly ghastly, isn't it?


  1. YAY FOR LISTS. You know how I love dem. xD

  2. Merlin is on my list as well. It is a noble goal, although.....BBC=broken heart and weeping.

    I agree about horses. We got along fine without cars for so long....