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June 26, 2013

a big list of smaller lists // summer

I made list.  Of summer things.  

{a lovely little playlist}

Berlin // Snow Patrol
Six Weeks and Lakehouse // Of Monsters and Men
These Streets // Bastille
Look How Far We've Come and On Top of the World // Imagine Dragons
To The Sky // Owl City
Farther Along // Josh Garrels
In My Arms // Jon Foreman
Red Lipstick // Skint & Demoralised
Viva la Vida // the 2CELLOS cover
Run Boy Run // Woodkid (and watch the official video. because that is a good video.)
Marching On // OneRepublic

{a booklist that attempted ambitiousness}

The Silmarillion // JRR Tolkien
Pride & Prejudice // Jane Austen (would you believe I haven't read that yet?)
The Lantern Bearers // Rosemary Sutcliff
a Sherlock Holmes or two // Arthur Conan Doyle
A Girl of the Limberlost // Gene Porter
Mara, Daughter of the Nile // Eloise Jarvis McGraw (a reread)

{a things-I'm-going-to-try-to-do list}

·blog more than once a month...haha.
·finish Merlin season 5
·*insert something here about wanting to finally start an etsy shop, except it's wretchedly unlikely because construction on our new house has started again, after a very long break (a year) due to due us having a delusional little criminal of a contractor   long story   but we hope to be moving in in the fall, so yay for that and psychotic busyness and unfulfilled dreams of etsy shops.*
·putting a lot more time on Gwynn (poor duck, I've been ignoring her.  Just for clarification though, Gwynn's a horse, not a duck.)
·draw more, or at least finish some of those half-done pictures, like tha Arwen one (although I'm thinking that one just needs starting over.  I wrecked it with colour.  Dreadful shame.) and the Justine Waddel/Tess of D'Urbervilles one (which I'm almost proud of, even though I've never seen that movie and don't really feel like it now or ever.).  I'm dwindling, don't you know.

{a things-I-actually-am-going-to-do list}

·going up north to celebrate my great grandpa's 100th birthday. ·school.  Mainly math.  No, no   pity me not.  I have brought this most grievous of misfortunes upon myself.  But if you want, you can send me candy or something.
·(probably) working at the barn next door, which we actually own, but renting it out to people who are opening it up as a real proper equestrian center.  
·going to see Les Mis in a few weeks.  YUP.
·learning how to drive...says mum.  Still don't know I can't just ride my horse everywhere.  Thousands of years the human race survives by going by foot and by hooves and I need to learn how to drive a car.  Perfectly ghastly, isn't it?

June 21, 2013

balloons o' a party tag

I interrupt your current programming to bring you this fantastic little tag (or not so little) from Fullness of Joy's 2nd blogoversary party.  A bit late-ish, I know, but it was such fun!  Be sure to go over to Joy's blog and check it out!

1. Pretending if need be that you never read any of those titles, (unless you actually haven’t), which book-title intrigues you the most that it would make you abandon all the others and read THAT one book...?Roverandom, The Keys of the Kingdom, That Hideous Strength, The Conflict of Religions in the Early Roman Empire, With Christ in the School of Prayer, Kidnapped, The Ballad of the White Horse, The Robe, The Man Who Was Thursday, or Surprised by Joy...?
Oh my... The Man Who Was Thursday and That Hideous Strength grab my attention right off...there's an unanswered question and a sense of mystery in both of those titles that makes you wonder.  And The Ballad of the White Horse and Roverandom both seem to promise adventure.  (By the way, Roverandom is the only one of all those titles that I've actually read.)

2. How do you reconcile yourself with an offended cat? (Tell a clueless girl, here!)
A situation so tricky as this demands care and tactful handling.  You must sit down with the injured animal distinguished personage, address her with her proper titles (Your Terrificness, Your So-High-Above-My-Lowly-Self-ness, Your Most Magnificent Nobleness, etc.  Some cats, depending on their birth and education are entitled to Your Highest Most Highness or Your Majestic Magnificence.  Your Worshipfulness used to be more popular, but is rarely used in recent years as Han Solo turned it into a joke, thus rendering it unsafe for use on anything except dogs and cows.), and then thoroughly and with great precision rebuke yourself for your crimes against _________ and most humbly beg _________'s most undeserved pardon on ________'s unworthy subject, so on, so forth.  Don't stare her straight in the eye   an obvious sign that you do not appreciate her superiority   keep them lowered to the ground respectfully.  After completing the necessary steps, you will then be turned down disdainfully (as she is well within her rights to do so) and must start the whole process over again, but this time you must offer food and fluffy pillows.

3. Can you describe to us in a seven-word sentence your current surroundings using the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch? Otherwise you can name in order the thirteen dwarf characters in The Hobbit without looking the info up online. ‘Tis your choice, you know!
Fili, Kili, Nori, Dori, Ori, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dwalin, Balin......and....erm...Oin, Gloin.......and the leader of our company, Thorin Oakenshield.  I did that without looking them up and only forgot Oin and Gloin for a moment.  High five, anyone?

4. Tea or Coffee? Or lemonade?
Neither tea nor coffee appeal to me, so lemonade is the obvious winner. 

5. Do you think your writing voice and style on your blog (or novel) is so very different from your normal, day-to-day voice and personality? Or is almost identical?
Haha.  Oldest Sister of Mineonce said something like this: "I can't believe you manage to sound so sane and intelligent on your blog, and in real life, you're so crazy and ridiculous."  Granted, I do have a tendency to act crazier when she comes to visit than I normally do.... No, scratch that, I'm crazy all the time.

6. Puddleglum or Mr. Tumnus?
Oh, Puddleglum for sure and certain!  I always thought we would have so much fun together, pessimizering (oh look, I just made a new word!) about the world and expecting rain to fall.  Jolly good fun.  And by the by, even though the old BBC Narnia movies are a bit lame (a bit...), Tom Baker owns that role.  Yup.
{source unknown}
7. Which of the seasons, spring, summer, autumn, or winter, appeals to you most in a literary sense and inspires you to write?
All of them pretty equally, I would say.  Each gives me an entirely different set of emotions.  Spring is like a waking up and a sun rising and broken spells and whatnot, summer is a temporary joy that will end all-too-soon, fall is a bitter-sweet goodbye and parting of ways, and winter is a long, lonely, lamenting song that tells of lost love and fallen heroes, or great desolation in which all colour and life seems to have suffered defeat but is really just lying in wait for the day when it shall once again rise victorious, having broken the chains of captivity.  Or something like that.

8. Cast your mind back to childhood, what was your favourite Old Testament Bible character as a child? What was your most dearly loved Bible Account? Why?
Favourite character?  Haven't the foggiest.  but I've always had a fondness for Joseph and the coat of many colours.  How he was sold into slavery by his own kith and kin, and despite all that, did alright for himself and forgave his brothers, despite the dreadful inconvenience they caused him.

9. What are some of the films/books or songs that make you tear-up or cry the most (be it because it is so beautiful, or really sad or tragic, etc), tell us why they do that; do you actually like to cry in a movie/book?
I do not at all enjoy succumbing to that state of emotional weakness called crying. If I could just be (almost) emotionless and cold logical like Spock, life would be significantly more enjoyable. Unfortunately, since I don't have much Vulcan blood in me, I am prone to these human weaknesses and tendencies.  Movies and books that provoked said illogical emotional reaction include (but are not necessarily excluded to, but sort of are) Les Misérables, the end of Merlin (come to think of it, not sure if I was actually tearing up or just overcome by a severe distraughtfulness which blurred my mental capacity), the end of Robin Hood (this one I distinctly remember crying a couple tears *croakes*), then there's the occasional episode of Doctor Who where I get all blurry eyed (or just throw things...o__o).  War Horse (the book) caused some serious lip wobbling *coughtopthornchokecaptainnicholscough*.  I won't even try to deny that I needed a kleenex or two at the very end of Marley and Me. And the grand finale of emotional outbursts at the hands of a work of fiction is, of course, The Book Thief.  

10. Do you have any special literary goals or dreams that you wish you could accomplish as a writer during your lifetime (besides publishing, that is!)?
Here's the thing: writing isn't a proper serious thing for me.  I do terribly enjoy it, but it's not a passion.  So publishing isn't really a goal for me. Not at this time anyway   who knows, maybe someday, I'll wake up and I'll need to write, and actually focus on one story for more than a couple pages.  Because I do have stories, stories and characters, up there, running about in my brain keeping me company and banging their sword hilts against the inside of my skull, living and breathing inside my head, but refusing to come out and grace a paper page with their brilliant presence.  

11. If you are a writer, which one of your characters’ internal makeup most echoes a likeness or similitude to you? If you have none of your own – what other fictional character (book/film) does? Explain your answer.
Like I said, even though I don't really write, I have characters.  Three main characters for three different stories (which, just for clarification, all fit into the fantasy genre).  They do have names, but they haven't told me what they are yet, so let's call them A (the one that's been there longest, and the youngest in age), B (she's old.  Older than you would expect. And impetuous and brash and doesn't think and suffers greatly because of that.  In fact, she's quite facepalm-inducing sometimes.), and C (you'd like him.  He's a darling.).  The one most like me would have to be A.  Young, a tad naive, has had some rather annoying misfortunes (somewhere along the lines of dead parents, missing brothers, captured and sold into slavery, being caught in between rival monarchs and civil wars, and other happy things like that), and things get thrown at her that she feels way too unsure and unready to handle (B and C are both more confident in general and brought their troubles upon themselves...especially B.  ).  Equal parts scared as deer and brave as a lion, although she often forgets she has that side.  At least, I think she's like that.  She keeps herself to herself, which I guess says something about her, so there you go.  

12. Excuse me for another Tolkien reference, but I couldn't help it, alas! Which of the five Middle-earth hobbits do you identify with the most: Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Merry, or Pippin?
Methinks it must be Pippin.  Even though I'm an introvert and tend to compose myself fairly well in public, when sufficiently wound up, I make a first-rate Fool of a Took.

13. What special topic do you relish talking/writing about the most? Like – like a tap that can instantly be turned on... please, do tell!
Maybe nature.  Because there are few things so inspiring as this magnificent world God created for us.  A forest just after a rainfall, pink and gold sunsets, wet soil, half-bloomed flowers, and what not.  
Also books.  I actually do like writing book reviews.  On occasion. 

14. Make your choice, adventurous Stranger; Strike the bell and bide the danger, Or wonder, till it drives you mad, What would have followed if you had.  – The Bell and the Hammer, C.S. Lewis ...thus said the inscription next to the bell in that mysterious place in which Polly and Digory came upon, in The Magician’s Nephew. If you had been in their place, would you have taken the adventure of ringing the golden bell as Digory did (not knowing that the White Witch would be awakened) or would you have acted sensibly like Polly but risked being driven mad by the thought of ‘what if’ when you were back home in England?
I certainly hope I would be wise enough to know that when one is in a world that's not their own, in a room full of creepy looking people that may or not under a spell, one shouldn't go about ringing bells with mysterious inscriptions under them.  Honestly though, I'm not entirely sure that I would have been able to resist.  But on the other hand, I am a wimp who's dreadfully afraid of irreversible things, as most things are, so I'm not entirely sure that I wouldn't have been able to resist.  

15. What is that which makes you keep blogging and writing in general in the times when your blog/and or you yourself are at a low ebb? Do you like taking breaks from blogging or miss your followers too much? 
What is that which makes you keep blogging and writing in general in the times when your blog/and or you yourself are at a low ebb? Do you like taking breaks from blogging or miss your followers too much? 
*awkward laugh* My past records would suggest that I do like taking breaks from blogging and don't miss my followers too much.  I don't think that's true, but it certainly looks that way, doesn't it?  Lol.  Not.  Ahem.  Not saying any more.  

"Thus ends the entry."