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May 24, 2013

wherein nessie returns and vader just can't handle it

{a thing from my pond under a microscope.  i named it amelody roranicus.  see what i did there?}
Behold.  I have returned.  Again.  And in the time I've been gone, great things have been accomplished.  For instance, I almost sorta nearly cleaned my room, nearly died of heat stroke and threw snowballs at my dog simultaneously {apparently, God thought it would be funny if it was cold with piles of ice and snow everywhere for 5 months straight then BAM one day make it 30°}, read exactly half of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea {which, despite my over-long dragging out of the reading it, is really quite magnificent} made a bow-tie necklace {because...wait for it...bow-ties are cool}, finally finished the 2009 specials, season 5, 6, and the first three episodes of 7 of Doctor Who {holy weepingcybersilence and a fez...}, and succeeded in wearing jeans and a t-shirt to my cousin's semi-formal birthday party {I regret nothing}.  
Which put me to thinking that I might not make a very good Incredibly Handsome Criminal Genius and Master of All Villainy, as I seem to lack presentation.  Which in turn got me thinking about food {duh}, which led to thoughts of moss and chlorophyll, which, as one would expect, prompted me to take this picture of Darth Vader, a panda, and the wrong phonebox.  The Eiffel Tower and the bow-tie necklace are there, too.  Except I've since made a new one.  A nicer one.  Smaller and made of ribbon, not felt.
{ugly, terribly, nasty quality. not even gonna watermark this one. steal it for all i care.}
Funny thing about that phonebox can/piggybank dad got it for me when he was in London, you see.  I shan't try to deny there a wasn't a momentary tug of disappointment {just a tug, mind} that it wasn't blue and of the police variety.  But then I opened it...there was a bag of jelly babies in it.  I DIED.  Not really, but you get my point.  

Oh.  I was going to say something about seasons 5 & 6.  Where was I?  Ah yes   holy weepingcybersilence and a fez.  Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!  
Eleven.  Can't say I like him any better than Nine or Ten, but it's close.  So close.  But then, it's also that way with Nine and Ten.  I love each of his regenerations equally.  Except for the old ones...I can't make a proper judgement about which ones I like best as I haven't seen even an old episode straight through, though I fancy I'm partial to Four {the scarf! the eyes! the everything!} and Five, which is automatic really, as I've loved All Creatures Great and Small far too long to not automatically adore Five.  Plus, he wears a stick of celery.  And then Seven, for numerous reasons, and not just the rabbits and hedgehogs.  Lets just say I don't have favourite.  
Amy.  Can't say she's my favourite companion.  In fact, I don't think I have one of those, either.  But she's not exactly lacking in awesome.  And I really like her style.  I mean, minus the miniskirts {"Put some trousers on, Pond!"}.  But her tops, her leather jackets, her boots, and her hair {her hair!  I die.}.  Good shtuff.  
And then Rory.  Roranicus Williams Pond.  The Last Centurion.  Nina Nosedude {actually, I made that one up}.  Oh, Rory. 
And of course River.  She's fantastic, and really one of the most heartbreaking characters on that show, when you think about it.  
I'm not going to say anything about Clara yet, as I've only seen her in The Asylum of the Daleks.  
Is it just me, or did the RTD years seem to be of a lesser quality?  Were they just on a lower budget or something?  Also, we don't see many of the Slitheen or Abzorbaloffs anymore.  Just sayin'.
And that's all I have to say about that.  
Actually, FEZ!  
Okay, now that's all.

So.  How are you guys?  Have I ever asked that before?  I don't think I have.  Oh, but I am rude!  Gosh.  
Oh oh oh!  Have you seen the Thor 2 trailer?  Besides it being really spectacular, I'm noticing a definite pattern in Thor and Loki's hair.  It's getting progressively longer with each movie.  And considerably bigger in Loki's case.  O_O  
And Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Let us rejoice together because SON OF COUL LIVES!!!  

Okey-dokey.  Mordor's to the left, bathrooms are to the right.  DFTBA, and all the rest.


  1. I unashamedly love Eleven best, and I unashamedly love Rory and Amy best as companions. I finished up Series 7, with all the Clara episodes, and I have to say I liked her more than I thought I would. She's probably just above Donna and right under River for me. (River is right under the Ponds, so now you know how I rate the companions. :)

    FEZ!!! :D

    I was so EXCITED to see Agents of Shield, and see that COULSON LIVES! I was like, I KNEW it! He couldn't just die, you know? The fandom would have rebelled like crazy.

    And I can't WAIT until Thor 2 comes out. Hurrah, and hurray!

    PS. How are jelly babies? Do they taste yum? or um?

  2. 1) I saw what you did there.

    2.) Eleven. Eleven is my favorite. It used to be Nine, but Eleven is like a younger, cuter Nine, and I just like him more. He's SO FREAKING AWEEESOOMMMEMEEEEE. and like, Kat, ^^^^^ I like the Ponds the best. I wasn't expecting to like Clara (suffering from the She's-not-a-Pond syndrom as I am) but I LOVE her! She's almost as awesome as River!!!!!! I like her and Donna (she and Donna? hmmm. I hate English sometimes) about the same.

    "I’m going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilize, street level maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, 12 Jammie Dodgers… and a FEZ!" Fezzes. Are. Cool.


    COULSON FREAKING LIVESSSSS! Oh my gosh, I saw that trailer and I literally danced around in my bedroom, much like Sherlock is up there. hehehehehehe.


    1. *Nerdfighteria being John & Hank Green's internet fanbase.. And the origin of DFTBA. I feel really lame now because you didn't get the reference. xD

    2. I did get the reference! Then I forgot to reply to your comment. I had to go eat a cookie. 12 days ago. But I'm done eating the cookie now. *awkward cough*

  4. *Highfives* Someone else who felt the need to shout about Coulson still being alive. I almost fell out of my chair and chocked on my chocolate, all at the same time, when I saw him again. I might have squealed too, I'm not sure. It was all such a delightful blur.

    I LOVE ELEVEN!! Like you, maybe not QUITE as much as Nine and Ten, but enough to miss him when he leaves. I'm going to cry, and eat jelly babies to console myself.
    Four is amazing too, I love him. I've only seen one of the movies with him, but he is So cool! And I cannot wait to get to see some with Five, and Seven. (Seven, probably because of rabbits and hedgehogs. "I hate wizards in stories, they always turn out to be him.")
    Aw, Doctor Who, I could stay on this subject for ages. Especially him and Clara. I loved them together.

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