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January 10, 2013

when life hands you lemons, make grape juice and electrobombs

Birthdays always amuse me.  Or at least mine do.  

When I look back at them, anyway. 

For both my 14th and 15th birthdays I was ill.  Wretchedly ill.  Come to think of it, I've never been sicker in my entire life than on my 14th.  

And on my 16th?  You'll love this one.  So I'm going with mom and my sister to Les Mis.  We get to the theatre and the entire area is experiencing a power outage.  Great.  
So we go as fast as we can to the other theatre (one of the others   there's a lot of movie theatres in my city), but somehow manage to get lost on the way and get there 10 minutes after the movie started, an there was a magnificent line up for tickets.  None of us really feel like going all over the city trying to track down a movie (we could of course have just called whoever it is you call for movie times, but mom's cell phone is actually on the kitchen table at home, where it is definitely not supposed to be), so instead we decide to just go get supper from Fatburger (I'm still trying to get over what a terrible name that is...).  It was really quite a good burger.  After they replaced it, I mean.  Sorry, but that ping pong ball sized ring of mold on my bun just wasn't working for me.  Pretty blue-green colour, yes.  
Tasty, no.  
Then we head home, entirely in the opposite direction of white chocolate cheesecake. 

But really, without sarcasm  I can tell you I was genuinely amused.  It's easy to be amused when you're not suffering from the flu. Would you believe I didn't even get sick?  Me neither.  And Robin Hood was just as good as ever.  Since we were home early, we managed to get 6 episodes of it.  Which was nice.  
And I now have some lovely new books to add to my dearest library.  
So yes, I did have good day.  And thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday!  

Anyway.  I have by now seen the elusive Les Miserables.  It was wonderful and the actors were superb and I loved the story and my goodness it almost had me in tears on more than one occasion (the entirety of Fantine's screentime...a little fall of rain...Javert pinning his medal on Gavroche's body...empty chairs and empty tables...the very end...yeeshk).  I particularly liked Anne Hathaway and Russel Crowe.  And Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfreid.  Hugh Jackman was great as always, even though I can't say I'm the biggest fan of his vocals.  Oh, and Enjolras?  Yeah.  He's cool.
And in case anybody cares, I did get my piece of cheesecake.  Which, as a continuation of my very interesting birthday luck, had onions in it.  Not actually in it, but they were in my dish.     .......???  

You know, is I was superstitious, I would probably interpret my strange birthday happenings as a sign that I was never supposed to be born.  Fortunately though, I'm not, and so I'm just fine with my existence.

Oh!  Have I ever told you that I had a horse that got struck by lightning?  Well, it wasn't actually my horse yet.  She was one we were going to buy.  We were going to pick it up on a Thursday, and on a Wednesday she was fried to death by the sky.  

Just another day in the weird life of me.


  1. Well. Happy Birthday, Nessima.

  2. Yikes. Poor horse. That's... disturbing.

    Cheesecake! Wow. You sound like you go as all-out for birthdays as we do! We were in China for my 13th, so we went to this elusive, amazing waterfall, two hours drive away. 4 hours and a lot of cranky people later, we finally got there, and it started to rain. And it was about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. So after standing in the rain for a while, four hours back home. And we almost got hit by a car coming back. Great day! :) Actually, I did enjoy myself. Anyway. I hope you find a horse that doesn't get struck by lightning.

  3. So glad you enjoyed Les Mis.

    And, Happy Birthday, Nessmina. :)

  4. That last bit about the horse! D: That poor thing! Whoah...

    Well, if you can't laugh at yourself (and your birthdays) then what can you laugh at right?

    Happy Belated Birthday btw! I'm glad you weren't sick and that you got to watch Robin Hood (which is a totally excellent show) - lack of sickness & Robin Hood = perfect day in my books :P

  5. This made me laugh. You certainly lead a very interesting life. :)

    happy birthday!

  6. God's sense of humor, eh? I'm glad you find amusement in it, too.

  7. My goodness, you have the most extraordinary luck. I think in the interest of horsekind, you shouldn't attempt to buy anymore horses.

  8. Birthdays are always the most interesting of interesting days. And I know what you mean about being sick... I had bronchitis on my 17th birthday, and a cold and asthma on my 18th. Fortunately, I broke that streak for my 19th birthday when we had cousins visiting. Still, I hope you had a swell birthday! :)

  9. Wow!!! Happy (belated) birthday... I'm glad you enjoyed / were amused by your day. :) Sounds very exciting! Your story kind of reminds me of a friend of my dad's... the most interesting and crazy things happen to him...all the time! Maybe you should write an autobiography :) It would be fascinating!
    Anyway, so I'm glad you had a good (albeit crazy!) b'day, and also, glad you finally got to see Les Miserables! I love that movie... :)

  10. Your birthday fits you, very random and odd and wonderful. Happy late Birthday!!! It sounds like you had fun in the least, and Robin Hood...good way to pass a birthday. Also. HUZZAH on getting to see Les Miserables!!! I finally got to go as well and bawled shamelessly - well, until the end when I realized my brothers would be able to see me when the lights lifted, then I held it back. (Growing up with brothers, one must always be careful not to cry in movies.)

    Cheesecake with onions? Dare I ask?

  11. I loved Les Mis! I wasn't expecting the best from Anne Hathaway, but I was pleasantly surprised! :)
    new follower! :)
    hope you're having a great day!

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  14. I can't WAIT to watch Les Mis! I already bought the soundtrack. :P

    Oh, and by the way, I awarded you over at my blog:

  15. I've tagged/awarded you at Lianne Taimenlore!

  16. that is sort of how I feel about Les Miserables. Whomever wrote it was like "Kill ALL the characters!" well at least Marius and Cosette lived *shrug* But everyone I loved died. Including Javert and Juan valjean

    God Bless

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