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January 03, 2013

sixteen and twelvityone

You know who's birthday it is today?  Only our most favouritist person.  It's mine too.

It's John Ronald Reuel Tolkien twelvityfirst today.

It's also my sixteenth. 

Yes.  I share Tolkien's birthday. (And, as it happens, the same first two initials.  Not kidding.  And it's completely coincidental.)    


So I'm going to Les Mis this afternoon.  And then I'm going try to get my hands on some white chocolate cheesecake.  Then I'm going to watch some Robin Hood.  

But first....
The Professor


  1. Happy Birthday to both you and Tolkien! Les Mis! Uh! I want to see it.

    God Bless!

  2. Happy birthday, Nessima! That's pretty amazing to share a birthday with one of your favorite authors! :D

    Have fun at Les Mis! I just saw it yesterday and despite the fact that I was a wreck after the end, I wanted to go back and see it again right away. :D

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  3. To Tolkien: Happy Birthday to my idol, writer of many wonderful books, inventor of three languages, and creator of a new world for me to venture into.

    To Nessima: Happy Birthday to you! Sweet Sixteen. (who ever came up with that saying?) Have a really really big piece of birthday cake for me!

  4. Happy Sixteenth Birthday, Nessima! Happy Happy 121th Birthday, J.R.R. Tolkien!!

    How wonderful that you share a birthday with such an AMAZING writer! We owe Tolkien so much for what he's done in his lifetime. He's one of my favourite writers ever.

    God bless,
    Love Joy

  5. AAAHHH I can't believe you share a birthday with Tolkien that is SO, SO, COOL! I hope you had an awesome day and enjoyed Les Mis and oh my word I still can't believe it. You're so lucky! :)

  6. Tolkien's birthday?! Who'd have thought. The ironies abound, because me and my sister were just watching the Return of the King literally half an hour before I read this. :) That's soooo weird!

    Happy Birthday, Nessima!!! Have fun at Les Mis (I finally found out how to pronounce that! I was calling it Lez Miserable-s, and finally Cait told me just to call it Ley Mis. I feel so French-speaking!) :)

    I hope you have a wonderful sixteenth year filled with happiness and blessings (:

  8. AHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NESSIMA! Also, I am completely jealous of your Tolkien-similarities.

    Also, Robin Hood. I didn't know you were a fan! (Or did I and I just forgot?...)

    1. My Robin Hood obsession is a new thing. Just started watching it a week ago.

  9. Happy Birthday Nessima!!! Hope you had a wonderful day.