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January 10, 2013

when life hands you lemons, make grape juice and electrobombs

Birthdays always amuse me.  Or at least mine do.  

When I look back at them, anyway. 

For both my 14th and 15th birthdays I was ill.  Wretchedly ill.  Come to think of it, I've never been sicker in my entire life than on my 14th.  

And on my 16th?  You'll love this one.  So I'm going with mom and my sister to Les Mis.  We get to the theatre and the entire area is experiencing a power outage.  Great.  
So we go as fast as we can to the other theatre (one of the others   there's a lot of movie theatres in my city), but somehow manage to get lost on the way and get there 10 minutes after the movie started, an there was a magnificent line up for tickets.  None of us really feel like going all over the city trying to track down a movie (we could of course have just called whoever it is you call for movie times, but mom's cell phone is actually on the kitchen table at home, where it is definitely not supposed to be), so instead we decide to just go get supper from Fatburger (I'm still trying to get over what a terrible name that is...).  It was really quite a good burger.  After they replaced it, I mean.  Sorry, but that ping pong ball sized ring of mold on my bun just wasn't working for me.  Pretty blue-green colour, yes.  
Tasty, no.  
Then we head home, entirely in the opposite direction of white chocolate cheesecake. 

But really, without sarcasm  I can tell you I was genuinely amused.  It's easy to be amused when you're not suffering from the flu. Would you believe I didn't even get sick?  Me neither.  And Robin Hood was just as good as ever.  Since we were home early, we managed to get 6 episodes of it.  Which was nice.  
And I now have some lovely new books to add to my dearest library.  
So yes, I did have good day.  And thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday!  

Anyway.  I have by now seen the elusive Les Miserables.  It was wonderful and the actors were superb and I loved the story and my goodness it almost had me in tears on more than one occasion (the entirety of Fantine's screentime...a little fall of rain...Javert pinning his medal on Gavroche's body...empty chairs and empty tables...the very end...yeeshk).  I particularly liked Anne Hathaway and Russel Crowe.  And Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfreid.  Hugh Jackman was great as always, even though I can't say I'm the biggest fan of his vocals.  Oh, and Enjolras?  Yeah.  He's cool.
And in case anybody cares, I did get my piece of cheesecake.  Which, as a continuation of my very interesting birthday luck, had onions in it.  Not actually in it, but they were in my dish.     .......???  

You know, is I was superstitious, I would probably interpret my strange birthday happenings as a sign that I was never supposed to be born.  Fortunately though, I'm not, and so I'm just fine with my existence.

Oh!  Have I ever told you that I had a horse that got struck by lightning?  Well, it wasn't actually my horse yet.  She was one we were going to buy.  We were going to pick it up on a Thursday, and on a Wednesday she was fried to death by the sky.  

Just another day in the weird life of me.

January 03, 2013

some 2012 favourites

>>>---the favourite books-

The Ruins of Gorlan (Ranger's Apprentice, #1)
~Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan (the whole series)
Ever since seeing LOTR when I was 11, the whole Ranger thing was an subject of fascination for me.  So you can possibly imagine my mad dash to the library after finding a whole book series about them.  And it was just brilliant.  Brilliant, I tell you, brilliant.  John Flanagan proves you don't need a really original idea to write a mega frabjous book     fresh and lovably characters, perfect pacing, wit, and homour will suffice.  Of course,  cool guys running around with weapons they actually know how to use helps too.
Seriously though, I loved this book.  Crazily loved it.

The Eagle of the Ninth (The Roman Britain Trilogy, #1)
~The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff
This is just one of those that sits in you easily, like a really good meal, and stays with you for a long time after.  It's such a great story and Marcus and Esca are such wonderful characters.  Sutcliff's writing is so beautiful     rich and flowing, without being over-wordy.  The way her words go together is just lovely.

The Book Thief~The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak
Okay.  This book.  What to say about this book.  My goodness.  You start this book and you wonder "What is this strangeness....?".  You finish this book and you sit there holding it tight so that no one can take it away from you and you can just stay there in your state of emotional brokenness forever and ever with just that beautiful, beautiful book there with you.  
Yes.  That's the word to describe this book.  Beautiful.  Hideously beautiful.  So much pain.  So much love.  So much...humanness.  

The Hobbit

~The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Umm....enough said.

>>>---the favourite movies--->

The Hobbit 

The Avengers
Awesome. Period.

The Amazing Spider-man 
Luuuuuurrrrved it. As much, I think, as The Avengers. It's not really a big secret I didn't like the old trilogy and have no absolutely patience for Tobey Maguire whatsoever, but Andrew Garfield's Peter is really quite brilliant. Actually smart (he made his web-shooting-thingymahoohahs himself), whereas the Tobey Maguire Spiderman was just dumb.  Sorry to his fans, but yeah. And Gwen (who also happens to legitly smart) is just so many thousand times preferable to MJ (who, cough, came across as dumb. Didn't see that one coming...).  But beyond the fact that the actors/characters were better than the old ones, this is just a really great movie.   

There were a lot of others I was going to list but suddenly I only remember these three.  Maybe because I saw these three in the theatre.  And seeing a movie blown up a bazillion times larger than you normally watch a movie really oughta help you remember them.

>>>---favourite tv series--->


If you're looking at it with an over-scrutinizing eye, you'll notice a few things: it's not as well done as Doctor Who or Sherlock.  Not as well scripted.  Not as clever.  But you know what?  Whoopdy ding.  This show is brilliant, and I love it to pieces.  It's hilarious.  I lovelovelove all the characters (with the exception of Uther, who really needs his nose broken sometimes).  The costumes, the setting, THE PURDY HORSEYS, and the music are all gorgeous. This show just makes me so happy.  Except at the end.  Which I haven't even seen (except for gifs on tumblr) and it still kills me.

Robin Hood 
Just finished season one a couple days ago. 
Guys guys guys, I is all obsessed and crazy over zees show and I loves it and want eat it like a cupcake but that wouldn't work so I don't.  Despite the fact I sorta wrecked it for myself by watching certain youtube videos which I deeply regret.  Ack.

Downton Abbey
I love this show. The end.

>>>---the favourite music--->

~Of Monsters & Men
I just adore their style.  Their entire My Head is an Animal album is fantastic.  Gah.  So good.

~Florence + the Machine
She's just so cool. Aaannd...yeah.  

~The Civil Wars  Joy's voice + John Paul's voice + acoustic guitar = pure spine-tingling awesomeness.

~The Piano Guys
The piano/cello combination just works so well.  And they're so much fun.  

~The Band Perry
My favourite country band I think.  Love their songs.  And their music videos are gorgeous.
Plus, I think Kimberly's clothing and hair style is just fantastic.  Just sayin'.

>>>---some favourite moments--->

~That time Gwynn actually knew what "come" meant.  
~My trip to the mountains with Marmy and leel sister.  
~Figuring out how to use manual all on my onesies.  
~Going to see The Hobbit.  
~And a lot of other things which escape me right now.